Conditions for registration

Allocation or classification of pupils and students upon entry

1. The basic requirement for admission to the FSK is completion of the subjects “General Music Theory” and “Aural Training I”. Furthermore, it is necessary that the applicant has the necessary mental and physical fitness.

2. Every new student entering the FSK is assigned to a corresponding field of study during the entrance examination. At the same time, students are classified into the age group corresponding to their level of training.

3. A corresponding school or study book will be issued as confirmation of admission.

Admission requirements for foreign students

All foreign students whose native language is not German must provide valid proof of German language skills at level B 2 by the end of the 2nd semester.

The following regulations apply to foreign students who require a visa:

After an entrance examination has been taken in advance abroad and the examination protocol from the respective country has been submitted, confirmation of a free study place can be made (study place confirmation).

There will then be another entrance exam or placement test at the Franz Schubert Conservatory. After passing these examinations, the student (in the main subject and the additional subjects) is considered a regular student.

Application for admission

Music genre *