$1 Duties of pupils and students

  1. The students are obliged to help achieve the training goals of the conservatory through their cooperation and hard work in completing assigned tasks and integrating into the school community. You must attend classes regularly and on time, as well as actively participate in conservatory events, classes in supplementary subjects and other courses. You must bring the necessary instruments and teaching materials with you, unless these are provided separately by the school.
  2. Pupils and students are required to take part in conservatory events free of charge.
  3. Private music and gaming communities may not use a name that would lead to confusion with the conservatory.
  4. Absence from class is only permitted if the prevention is justified or if you are on leave or exempt from a specific subject,
  5. Prevention according to (4) is justified if,
    1. the pupil or student is ill,
    2. Household members suffer from an infectious disease
    3. extraordinary events (death, accident) occur in the life of the student's family,
    4. a catastrophic situation exists.
  6. The student must inform the school immediately if they are unable to attend. Illnesses that last longer than three days require a medical confirmation.
  7. Requests for exemption from classes or participation in certain subjects require the approval of the director.
  8. Students must treat all conservatory facilities, instruments and learning aids with care. Items that endanger safety may not be taken into class.
  9. Events or conditions that endanger safety at the conservatory must be reported immediately to the management or, in the event of imminent danger, to the nearest teacher.
  10. Smoking is prohibited in the entire school area.
  11. Disorderly behavior and making noise are prohibited in school areas.
  12. A student who intends to perform publicly outside of the conservatory must obtain approval from their major teacher and the director. These determine whether the student has the necessary skills in order not to damage the reputation of the conservatory.

$2 Breach of duty by pupils or students

  1. If there are breaches of duty on the part of the student/student, the following measures can be taken, taking into account age and maturity as well as other circumstances:
    1. verbal reprimand from the main subject teacher,
    2. written reprimand from the school management,
    3. Exclusion from classes for the current school year
    4. Permanent exclusion.
  2. Criminal offenses that are based on intent can lead to permanent exclusion after conviction.

§3 Use of school facilities

  1. Depending on the available inventory, students can borrow instruments or books by paying a rental fee.
  2. The school's own instruments must be treated with care. School-owned instruments may only be taken outside with the permission of the management.

§4 Extracurricular artistic activities

  1. The public appearance of a student outside the conservatory is only possible with the approval of the main subject teacher and the director.
  2. Solo performances, playing solo concerts, participation in competitions, recording radio recordings, etc. require the approval of the management.
  3. Students or adults who already practice an artistic profession are exempt from these regulations

§5 Change of teacher

A change of teacher during the academic year is only possible with the approval of the management.

§6 Miscellaneous

  1. All students are obliged to keep up to date with the announcements on the bulletin board.
  2. The statute, the examination regulations, the school regulations, the institution regulations as well as the study and curricula are available for inspection at any time in the secretariat.